Featured experiments and blog posts from Moment Discovery and friends.


Journey Into Sound Design by Charffy Wang

Before joining Moment Discovery, I was a computing science student who was interested in the production of video games and films. I love to immerse myself in a fictitious world, where the infinite potential and incredible expressiveness deeply fascinate me. My love for immersive experiences drove me to take a music course in university, because […]

Hello Human! Moment Discovery At The Works Festival by Meghan Desjardins

Hello Human! was an immersive art exhibit, developed specifically for the The Works Art & Design Festival, July 7-16, 2023.  Curated by research director Pamela Anthony, Hello Human! invited people to interact with their digital selves, becoming both the subject and composer of live immersive art and games. Hello Human! was aptly fitting for The […]

My Moment Discovery Experience By Dylan Rominik

I have always been surrounded by art. My mom is an author, my family is musical, and I often do visual art as a pastime. In Edmonton, there are a lot of opportunities to experience art, such as the Art Gallery of Alberta, the city’s many festivals, and the various examples of public art installations. […]

A Science Student’s Art Journey in Moment Discovery by Charffy Wang

When I was in junior high, I was attracted by the beautiful pictures and various power-up designs in video games. This small interest motivated me to pursue the Certificate in Computer Game Development in university. While collaborating on game projects with people from various educational backgrounds, I mostly worked on programming since I was a […]

Illuminating Introductions By Kelly Ruth

  My first experience with Moment Discovery was in the fall of 2022 while working on a Dance In The Metaverse research project. My interest in art making and performing in virtual worlds led me to connect with Pamela Anthony and the team at Moment Discovery through Gerry Morita, Artistic Director of Mile Zero Dance. […]