The Moment Lab

We are a tech-art collective exploring the nexus of computation, media and human bodies. Our main research vehicle is DotBox: a large-scale interactive installation that transcribes human movement through auditory, visual and textual mediations.

Research blog

Kristi Hansen

Performer and movement research Kristi Hansen, exploring movement with DotBox.

Matt Wood

Hip Hop and Indigenous artist Matt Wood testing body representation and sound in the DotBox lab.

Chris Dodd

Deaf artist Chris Dodd investigating the potential of gestural reactivity in DotBox.

Kids play

DotBox is irresistible to small people, as demonstrated by Ellie, our bold young tech tester.

Carly Neis

Carly Neis explores DotBox with assistive technology and an adorable doggo.

Art you inspired?

In her short film, Art You Inspired?, Kristi questions our view of the disabled. Moment Discovery's DotBox is featured as a digital reflection of her physical reality. Presented by Catalyst Theatre with support from EPCOR's Heart and Soul Fund.