Tuesday May 7

11:30-2:00 PM 


You (and your AI) are cordially invited to join in an informal discussion about the intersection of AI and creativity. The revolution is happening – what role will artists and imagination play in shaping the future? How will AI impact art and art making? We would love to hear how you are using AI in your work, and share in the work of others. In an AI world, let’s explore the importance of being human.

Featured Speakers:

Dagmar Lukka Loftsdóttir, PHD Student, researcher and member of the U of A’s GRAIL Lab. Working at the intersection of AI and art.

Kira Hunt, artist, designer and landscape technologist who studies and writes about biomimicry, a field that looks at nature to generate new perspectives and adaptive problem solving.

Kelly Ruth, musician, artist and designer whose work integrates analog and digital technology. Actively researching and creating in virtual worlds.

Suzette Chan – Panel Moderator, is a writer and journalist who covers Edmonton’s cultural scene.



11:30 – 12:00  Mingle 

12:00 – 12:10  Welcome, Introductions – Pamela Anthony

12:10 – 1:00  Speakers & Hot Takes – Suzette Chan Introduces participants and moderates discussion 

1:00 – 2:00  AI Games 


Discussion Topics 

The intersection of AI and human creativity

Artists working with AI, and how it has influenced their work

The future of AI in creative industries

Can AI democratize art creation?

The limitations of AI in understanding context and emotion in art

Ethical considerations in AI-generated art

Use cases relevant for artists 


AI-Driven Games and Activities: Hands On

Prompt Challenge – Art, Writing or Video

Chat with Virtual AI Bot – Bartender at Burnt Toast Cafe in Second Life


* If you want to share your AI projects, let us know in advance and we can find a space for you to plug in and present.