Postmarginal Edmonton 2.0

Postmarginal Edmonton 2.0

Imagining Inclusive Performing Arts

May 21 – 24th

Moment Discovery is delighted to be one of the host venues for Postmarginal Edmonton 2.0, a fascinating conference addressing equity, accessibility and inclusive art practice. Moment Discovery will be showcasing Kristi Hansen’s The Phantom Limbs Project: Embodying Tech on May 22 as part of the 4 day event.

Postmarginal is four days of presentations, practical workshops, roundtables about performance vocabularies, governance and ethics of inclusive performing arts. Open to everyone, and especially theatre practitioners, cultural workers and academics interested in creating a new ecology of inclusive performing arts in the Edmonton cultural scene. Be a part of this new adventure!

Sign up for here: Postmarginal Edmonton 2.o: Imagining Inclusive Performing Arts