Marcus and Summer Box, Jonah Badger, Meg Desjardins, Algorithmic Art, ‘Demo Days’, Moment Discovery Studio, 2022, Photo by Brianne Jang, BB Collective

The Essence of DotBox

At its core, DotBox is about breaking down the barriers between the digital and physical worlds. It’s where your movements affect  light designs and orchestrate spatial audio, offering an unparalleled experience of art and technology merged into one. Whether you’re an artist looking to push the boundaries of interactive art or a presenter aiming to captivate audiences with groundbreaking installations, DotBox provides a canvas for endless exploration and innovation.

Technology Meets Creativity

DotBox stands at the forefront of human-computing interaction, utilizing a suite of Kinect 2 sensors to capture every motion. This cutting-edge technology, combined with Moment Discovery’s proprietary software, translates physical movements into stunning audiovisual artistry. DotBox is not just an installation; it’s a gateway to exploring how art can evolve with technology, offering a hands-on experience that encourages participants to become co-creators in a dynamic environment.

Why DotBox?

  • Innovative Art Medium: DotBox redefines the canvas, offering artists and presenters a new medium that is dynamic, interactive, and boundless.
  • Engagement and Immersion: With its interactive nature, DotBox captivates audiences, creating memorable experiences that draw people into the moment.
  • Cutting-edge Technology: Leveraging advanced human-computing interaction, DotBox showcases the potential of integrating technology with art for expressive and immersive installations.

Experience the future of interactive art with DotBox—a space where technology illuminates creativity, inviting artists and presenters to explore, experiment, and engage like never before.