Our team

Will Bauer

Founder and Director

Will is an artist, engineer, and inventor.

As the founder and director of Moment Discovery, Will continues to develop new technology exploring the potential of movement derived data.

Will holds several technology patents for his research in processing sensed data. While directing the experimental tech group APR in the 1990/2000's, Will invented the Gesture and Media System, a 3D movement computing media controller. His engineering inspirations and passion for human-technology interaction is resulted in several internationally recognized art-tech projects.

Will is currently developing new technology frameworks in movement computing, including Spatio, a movement sensing media processor that works in large scale settings. Concurrent with research and investigation of this emergent technology, Will is testing its capacity with the creation of digital media.

Will possesses thousands of science fiction novels.

Pamela Anthony

Director of Research & Planning

Pamela is an artist, designer, and project developer. She joined Moment Research in 2015, and became a founding member of Moment Discovery in 2018.

Pamela has initiated and produced a variety of large-scale cultural events, including the City of Edmonton/Edmonton Arts Council pilot project Winter Light; the Edmonton Cultural Capital of Canada Symposia Series, the Edmonton Comedy Arts Festival, and the University of Alberta Alumni Associations' 100th Anniversary festival. Pamela runs Studio 9654, and is active in visual and media arts.

Throughout her career, Pamela has acted as a consultant, strategist, and thought leader for complex projects including transitory public art, interactive media, festival development and policy lead cultural initiatives. Pamela is keenly interested in innovative technologies, and the re-intergration of science and the arts. As a project developer, she has frequently commissioned and produced technical-art in novel environments.

Pamela invented tape art.

Conroy Badger


Conroy Badger is an engineer and programmer who joined Moment Research in 2015, moving to Moment Discovery in 2018.

Conroy develops custom programming in computer vision and graphics programming for Moment. Conroy previously worked with Will Bauer at Acoustic Positioning Research on the patented invention GAMS, and has adapted the technology for numerous specialized applications. He is currently developing Moment's sensor tech and media processor Spatio, innovating computational interactivy for wide area, tagless tracking and media control. Conroy’s programming expertise and electronic designs were instrumental in the realization of award winning and internationally exhibited media art projects developed with Will Bauer for APR, and at Anti Modular in Montreal.

Conroy’s favourite superhero is Spiderman.

Shannon Marshall

Finance Officer

Armed with over 12 years of experience in SR&ED claims, financial analysis and tax planning.

An alumna of the Business Administration Management program at NAIT, Shannon plays a key role in strategic and financial planning for the team at Moment. She provides financial expertise and governance of funding programs supporting Moment's technical advancements.

Shannon loves to spend time outdoors, especially with her awesome dogs Buddy and Bear.

Therese Gaetz

Community Outreach

Therese has been affiliated with Moment since its inception, originally as an advisor, and now as community outreach liaison and share-holder.

Therese is a life-long educator, and worked for over a decade teaching language arts & social studies in Edmonton's school systems. She is active in her community, and has contributed leadership and vision to important civic-community issues.

Therese is married to Moment CEO Will Bauer, and cooks up a stellar pad Thai.

Shawn Pinchbeck

Audio Researcher

Shawn Pinchbeck is a Canadian composer, media artist, educator and curator. He joined Moment's audio research in April 2021, where he works on customized voice recognition and audio reactivity. Shawn has a deep history in multidisciplinary art and audio adventures, working in electronic music, sound engineering, interactive sound, and media art. His work has been shown and broadcast internationally, and his performances, exhibits, and recordings form part of the evolution of contemporary electroacoustic music in Canada. Shawn, who has a PhD in Electroacoustic Music Composition, is based in Edmonton and Estonia.

Shawn studies horology in his spare time.

Jonah Badger

Software Programmer

Jonah is a software engineer who works on custom programming, specializing in computer visualization. Joining Moment in 2020, Jonah works on specialized visualizations and support software for DotBox, a large scale exhibit of interactive light and sound. He also researches open data, colour coding, and algorithms. In his work as an independent software developer, he has worked with a variety of tech start ups, and Anti-Modular in Montreal.

Jonah’s aviary adds the squawk to virtual meeting.

Clinton Carew

I.T. Researcher

Plucked from the world of independent theatre and film, Clinton is a non-linear experiment in multi-tasking.

Co-founder of Heights Residential and a computer and media consultant for groups as diverse as the Government of Alberta, ATCO, and Synergy Movement Workshops, Clinton is a problem solver, a creative bulldozer, and a lover of the Oxford comma. He has a cute kid.