Welcome to Moment Discovery, where art meets technology in the most engaging and transformative ways. Our experiences are designed to immerse you in the wonders of extended reality (XR), where your movements and voice bring to life a world of visual and auditory magic. With innovative installations like the Chill Room and the Active Oasis Lounge, we invite you to explore a realm where human interaction and cutting-edge technology blend seamlessly to create unforgettable moments.

Chill Room

The Chill Room offers a unique sanctuary for relaxation and creativity, blending the latest in interactive technology with serene ambiance. In this immersive space, visitors can explore a tranquil environment designed to soothe the mind, engage the senses, and inspire creativity. Utilizing Moment Discovery's cutting-edge Spatio software and bespoke hardware like DotBox and DotWall, the Chill Room becomes a living canvas, responding to your movements and sounds. Here, light, sound, and digital art converge to create a personalized atmosphere of calm and wonder.

Earth and Space Ship, Marcus Rasko-Todd, Interactive Media, “Hello Human!”, Moment Discovery Studio, 2023, Photo by Meghan Desjardins

Active Oasis Lounge

Step into the Active Oasis Lounge – a dynamic, interactive playground where technology and creativity merge to ignite your senses and unleash your playful side. Unlike its serene counterpart, the Chill Room, the Active Oasis Lounge is a vibrant space designed to engage and energize. Designed for the adventurous at heart, this lounge encourages you to explore, interact, and connect with the art in playful ways. The Active Oasis Lounge is not just an experience but a social hub where laughter and joy are amplified, friendships are formed, and memories are made, all under the glow of responsive, immersive art.

‘Hello Human!’, Moment Discovery Studio, 2023, Photo by Meg Desjardins. Photo by Kelly Ruth, 2023.